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The Hilltop


Registration in Rain Hail and Snow 

Published in the January 24, 1924 edition of The Hilltop.

Rain, hail and snow greeted the students on registration day. The quarters in which registration is held are inadequate in size to accommodate the large number of students who, according to the commands of the authority, must register on the one day designated or else pay an extra fee of $5.00. Hence all of the students who could not be admitted to the registration quarters must remain in their places in a seemingly endless line, endure the weather, subject themselves to illness or injury. 

Only natural consequences could be expected from such conditions. Young men become impatient and endeavor by some means to break the monotony of long hours of waiting: thus they start the push and shove game. Three young ladies, feelling unable to endure such roughness, fainted, even though the mercury registered below zero. 

The over-estimate of the capacity of the steps, as evidenced by the breaking entirely off of the banisters. 

The students are again vexed to think they waste from three to four hours waiting and then find the classes closed. The long wait must begin over again. It is a thought no one cherished to know that the inevitable separation between one and his dean is at least an hour’s wait. 

If no one survives to reach the window to pay out his last dollar, one is due to shift from one foot to the other many, many times, for it requires a long time to count money. The slogan must be “slow and sure, cashiers.”

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An “A” student has suggested that something be done to better the registration conditions. A letter has been sent to the Student Council asking them to take some steps in the matter. 

Forced exposure to weather, injury, and a waste of time and lack of time for registering prevail. What shall we do?


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