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The Hilltop asked, “How do you feel about HU student government this year?”

I’Ziae Frazier | Junior TV & Film Major from “all over.”

“Three events that UGSA has done this year are the Aux Cord Wars, DTLR Culture Tour concert and their annual Rep Yo City party. My personal favorite is Rep Yo City, as it acts as a right of passage for incoming bison and allows them to pay homage to their hometown through fashion. It also encourages connection, as people get the opportunity to discuss where they are from and meet people who happen to be from their city too.” 

Journe O’Neal | Junior Architecture Major from Houston

“Personally I’m not too familiar with the events that UGSA has done this year. I’m sure I’ve seen the advertising for them or  possibly even attended a few, but I think because of the large amount of events that are thrown by Howard students in general, a lot of these school events, whether they’re formal and or not, start to blend together with each other.”

Lindsey Pettis | Junior Honors Economics Major from Nashville

“I personally loved Taste of Howard even though I didn’t get to go. It definitely looked like a lot of fun, especially with surprise artists. Taste of Howard, Wildn Bison and the concert with Christian Combs have really been highlights of my school year. I feel like they actually take time and listen to a plethora of student concerns, not just a certain population.” 

Anaya Hunte | Senior Legal Communications Major from New York

“I have attended a couple UGSA events, but I do not know who the president is. However, I have enjoyed late night brunch, the Soul Cycle classes, DTLR Culture Tour and SNKR in-forum live. I enjoy the events a lot, but I feel like they can find more ways to reach out to the student masses.”

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Aaron Blount | Junior TV & Film Major from Atlanta

“Unfortunately, I haven’t heard of any of the UGSA events that took place recently. I’d like to attend the upcoming ones if they were advertised a little more. Which isn’t to [say] any one’s doing anything wrong, but they could be a little more hands on and proactive about getting the word out.”

Christian Abrams | Junior Political Science Major from Atlanta

“I feel as an organization UGSA sucks. They could do a lot better about getting information out and actually being an organization that is for all students, not just whoever is at the top plus their friends. They could start to do better by implementing a system that actually benefits all students and allows them to attend their events. They can also benefit from more general body inputs on events.”

Ariel Clarke | Junior Community Development Major from New York

“I really appreciate the effort UGSA makes in informing students about the different bills being passed in our school. Recently, they did an overview of a bill that would essentially increase the student activity fee, which I wouldn’t have known about if they didn’t give any information on Instagram.”

Jamison Darden | Senior Biology Major from Atlanta

“Student government can do a better job at sticking to the promises they campaigned with. Also, they can do a better job at bringing influential people/celebrities/donors to Howard, so we can make connections, network, etcetera.”

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Tony Wright | Junior Supply Chain Management from Aberdeen, Maryland

“I honestly don’t have much knowledge about UGSA’s day to day events. However, I have experienced a little of homecoming and Springfest, both of which felt very underwhelming and extremely difficult to get into events.”

Copy edited by Jadyn Barnett


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