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I Voted!

Young voters turned out in record-breaking numbers during the 2022 midterm elections. Take a look inside the experiences of first-time Howard University voters.

Robert Ryan, freshman supply chain management major from California.

“It felt good to vote for the first time. I just turned 18 three or four months ago so I’m really new to this. It felt good to be here, it wasn’t far from Howard. There are a lot of people outside trying to convince you to vote for them, and it made me kind of anxious. That’s probably the only thing I didn’t like about the voting experience but overall it was cool.”

Vance Adoghe, freshman chemistry major from Florida.

“The election was pretty neat I guess. A few of the candidates ran by themselves and some dropped out. I guess that’s normal, I’m not really sure.”

Faith Suah, freshman nursing major a from Minnesota.

“I was really excited to vote for the first time, letting my voice be heard. Something I’m upset about is not being told when or how to vote. We took a leap of faith and walked to poll but we were able to vote!”

Imani Payne, freshman International Business major from Georgia.

“Today was the first time I voted! It was very exciting. Since I’m from Georgia I did actually want to vote from Georgia but I didn’t understand how to do the mail-in ballot, but I’ll definitely do that next year.”


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