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FEATURE: How a Howard University Student Built a Streetwear Brand from the Ground Up

From the mind of a Howard University sophomore came a streetwear brand that has taken the campus by storm.

The P4CK models KOZY Streetwear. Photo courtesy of Zamoi Murrell.

From the mind of a Howard University sophomore came a streetwear brand that has taken the campus by storm. Kozy Streetwear is a clothing brand that sells hoodies, sweatpants, crop tops and hats, all adorned with the handwritten ‘KOZY’ logo. 

The concept for Kozy was conceived by CEO and sole proprietor Kayla Rose. Rose is a sophomore biology major and chemistry minor by way of Long Island, N.Y.. 

Rose spoke on how she got her start in designing at a young age, when she discovered her love for animation and graphic design. 

“I started because I always loved to draw, for real,” Rose said. “Like coloring as a kid, or even cartoons like Spongebob and how animation changes is really interesting to me.” 

Her growing fondness for illustration and typography was the initial inspiration for the streetwear brand. This sentiment shines through the clothing line, as the Kozy logo incorporated in every piece is in Rose’s own handwriting. 

According to the website, this signature trademark goes far deeper than the cozy feeling that comes with wearing comfortable clothing. 

“To be KOZY to me is to be mentally, physically, and spiritually intact with your highest, and finest self,” Rose said. “KOZY is something nobody can take from you, me, us.” 

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As temperatures drop, the Kozy brand can be spotted more around Howard’s campus. Since the brand’s creation in October of 2020, it has accumulated more than 240 sales, many of those being from Howard students. 

Kozy’s best-selling hoodies, which come in a variety of colors, range in price from $44 to $88. This atypical pricing is intentionally set by Rose, as numerology is a significant component of the brand’s reputation. In numerology, repetitive sets of numbers such as 222, 444 and 888 are often referred to as angel numbers. These numbers are believed to determine one’s life path and ultimate destiny. By including this, Rose seeks to add a deeper meaning to her products and distinguish Kozy from other streetwear brands. 

Rose prides herself in the support she receives, and has used the brand’s popularity to build a community surrounding Kozy. These select students have been named the “P4CK,” and serve as models for the company. 

Alaunna Thompson, a sophomore health sciences major and member of the P4CK, said she had a positive experience modeling for Kozy and felt like she was part of a community. 

“I felt like we all felt like a family, especially during the photoshoots,” Thompson said. “We all posed together and used each other’s energy to match each other’s fly.”

Though they have been in business for over a year, Rose says that the brand has not yet reached its full potential. 

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“We gotta go to the moon, always. Like around it 444 times,” Rose said. “I wanna make it a household name for sure, like telling our story, telling your story.” 

The brand is constantly growing, as new products and accessories are added to the line with every new drop. Rose’s ambition shines through her work, and this passion has fueled the growth and support surrounding Kozy. 

Kozy Streetwear can be purchased on the website, and updates on the brand can be found on @thekozystreet on Instagram and @4KOZYSTREETWEAR on Twitter

Copy edited by: N’dia Webb


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