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Opinion: The Apology That Won’t Work

 By Alex D. Williams, Staff Reporter

Image Courtesy of: John Tlumack/The Boston Globe via Getty

High school linebacker Jseth Owens is agonizingly experiencing the consequences of trash-talking a three-time Pro Bowl champion in New England Patriots quarterback Cameron Newton. 

Owens participated in a 7v7 tournament that the former Heisman Trophy winner hosted in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Although his team was not playing on the field at this moment, video footage pervaded social media of the young high school player instigating an altercation with Newton — who was passing by on the sidelines.

“You a free agent! You a free agent! You’re about to be poor”, seemingly slipped out of Owens when conversing with Newton.

Newton’s response: “I’m rich!” 

The former league MVP then proceeded to ask Owens where his father was, amongst other things, to discuss with them his actions.

At that moment, Owens should’ve stopped the conversation. 

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However, the video shows that the pair proceeded to go back and forth for some time.

Of course, this drew even more attention, and this time, from professional athletes. 

Players all around the league expressed their disapproval of the young man’s behavior, New Orleans defensive end Cameron Jordan and former Bengals legendary wide receiver Chad Johnson, to name a few. 

Following the controversy, Owens issued an apology via social media to express his sincere regret for his actions. However, many wonder if it’s too late. 

Your reputation precedes itself, and because of Owens’ actions, people will never forget the kid who called a former League MVP poor, at Newton’s camp. 

Owens is only a high school player; therefore, this may potentially affect his college recruitment process and potential professional sports involvement.

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So, will this apology heal the travesty that Owens created? Probably not. 

Disrespect follows you everywhere, and no matter the age, one is always subject to consequences. No matter how sincere the apology is, Owens’ reputation for trash-talking one of the best of the best will always be present. 


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