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Alumni Spotlight

Howard Alum is a Trailblazer for the Biden-Harris Campaign

By Ashleigh Fields, Campus Editor

Photo Courtesy of Amos Jackson

Under the Trump administration, Black voices have been silenced. Black leaders have been discredited. The president has even gone as far as condemning the phrase, “Black Lives Matter.” Over the past four years it has become clear that the current presidential administration lacks empathy for not only black people, but communities of color. 

Though this level of overt racism has not been seen in decades people are still strongly advocating for Trump’s reinstatement to serve a second term. However, the Joe Biden and Kamala Harris ticket is also receiving a large amount of support, partially because of their promise to ensure racial equality. One of the people in charge of projecting this message to the masses is the Deputy Political Director to the Vice Presidential Nominee, Amos Jackson III. A Howard legend in his own right.

During his four years as a student, he played football for a year, pledged to the Beta Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated, served as the College of Arts and Sciences president and the Howard University Student Association president.

“Howard provided me with opportunities that I never thought I’d be able to have,” said Jackson.

In addition to the on-campus activities offered, the school is in a prime location for those interested in a political career. This is something Jackson took advantage of early on. He interned at the Department of Education during the Obama administration and was hopeful to continue serving in his role if presidential nominee Hillary Clinton won the 2016 election. Unfortunately, Clinton lost which left Jackson searching for a new internship that would allow him to make a positive impact.

“The day Trump won, I thought my opportunities had been crushed,” said Jackson.

But shortly after, Jackson met Senator Harris face to face while working the Alvin Ailey benefit gala at the John F. Kennedy Center. 

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“I introduced myself to her and told her why I wanted to work for her,” said Jackson.

It was her innate willingness to be a servant leader that established a bond between the two.

“She is passionate about justice, about civil rights and about fighting for all those things for the most vulnerable in our country,” said Jackson. “She’s not just giving talking points when she gives speeches, it’s personal for her.” 

Many citizens have questioned Harris’ commitment to serving the black community due to decisions she made as the District Attorney of San Francisco but Jackson shared that the main reason he was drawn to her was because she’s “a staunch advocate not only for people of color but all people.”

“Senator Harris understood that there was a problem and she went on the inside to fix it and she spent every day of her career working to make changes to our criminal justice system,” Jackson said. “Her work wasn’t easy but it was necessary and she’ll be the first to tell you that’s why she is continuing to do the work to make changes and improvements.”

As Jackson’s political career continues to grow, he is eager to be in the fight for equality while encouraging others to do the same. His advice to those interested in following his footsteps, “There is no job too big or too small and soak up as much knowledge as you can from the seasoned campaign folks around you.”

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He mentioned that the people he is working with today have had a large influence on his future.

“It is truly a blessing to work for a fellow Howard graduate and a member of our D9 family – Senator Kamala Harris. And more directly reporting to a HBCU graduate and FAMU alumnus in Vincent Evans,” said Jackson. “Their stories and paths let me know my degree and experience can take me anywhere.”


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