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Quick Take: Does Football Belong In A Bubble?

        Illustration Courtesy of Sarah Grillo/Axios

By Alex D. Williams, Staff Reporter

The NBA (National Basketball Association) and NHL (National Hockey League) have all successfully continued sporting competitions within the proximity of a bubble. Now, it is the National Football League’s (NFL) turn. 

During week three of the NFL, the league announced that 18 members of the Tennessee Titans organization (coaches and players alike) contracted the coronavirus. 

This diagnosis not only delayed the start of games, but it also resulted in the cancellation of football matchups on Sunday. The New England Patriots Quarterback, Cam Newton, also contracted the disease and was forced to sit out of the New England Patriots vs. Las Vegas Raiders matchup. 

 Does the game of football matter more than an athlete’s life? Not. 

Following this incident, NFL executives held a meeting on Monday, Oct. 5, to discuss the likelihood of an NFL Bubble. While the results of that meeting are unclear to fans, it’s certain that if fans want the game of football to continue, the league must enforce extreme measures.

No fan participation at games increased fines, and daily coronavirus testing could become the new normal for the National Football League. However, if sports fanatics would like the games to continue, there may be no other way. 

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Boston Celtics Analyst Marc D’Amico tweeted, “ The NFL should have expected this, and likely even worse as the season continues. It better have a plan B, C, D, and E. Without the use of a bubble-like environment, it’s going to continue to happen over and over.” 


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