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Meet the Royal Court: 2020-2021 Student Leaders Selected

Student election results marked an era of change for Howard University as the new Royal Court assumed their positions for the 2020-2021 academic year.

By Carrington York, Staff Reporter

Student election results marked an era of change for Howard University as the new Royal Court assumed their positions for the 2020-2021 academic year. 

In resounding applause to the political establishment, the student body welcomed Timothy Mcdonald and Taylor Davis as the 44th Mister Howard University and 82nd Miss Howard University, following an unpredictable campaign season.

As tradition, candidates put a lot of effort into making their initiatives seen, heard and felt. The warm weather invited a plethora of campaign tables to our historic yard that offered everything from Rita’s Ice to mink eyelashes and even Popeyes chicken sandwiches as voting incentives.

Mcdonald was no exception, his campaign gaining endorsement from notable Howard alumnus and Black-ish TV-star, Anthony Anderson. In an Instagram video posted to Mcdonald’s campaign page, Anderson stated, “I have seen his passion for the students and this fine institution. He will work vigorously in and outside of the classroom to continue the Howard legacy if he is given this position. Now, I’m not saying he’s Barack, but he will be the best 44th Mr. Howard if you vote him in.” 

Outlined through his initiative, ‘Full S.T.E.AM Ahead,’ our new Mr. Howard has plans to unite the student body through the collaboration of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics collectives.

Previously, Mr. College of Engineering Architecture, Mcdonald is undoubtedly encouraged by his major in engineering and wants to broaden opportunities for every student on campus. “I’m a firm believer in thinking creatively and technically. Everything isn’t just an equation,” Mcdonald said.  

Alongside Mcdonald, Taylor Davis will uphold an 82-year tradition as she begins her reign as Ms. Howard University. With her campaign platform, ‘All In,’ Davis makes it clear that she’s ready to give her all in making Howard a better place. One of her signature initiatives is #BossUP, a movement to empower black women through a series of service projects and creative programming. She says the inspiration behind this initiative was to reinspire Bison that may have lost their motivation for success.

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“We develop this bark in our first year that motivates us to leave a legacy on campus. Throughout your journey, you may lose that bark. Maybe you lost your first election, maybe you didn’t get into the organization. It’s a platform about empowering people to remember who they are and rediscover their bark,” said Davis.  

Davis says she is most excited to demonstrate how impactful the royal court can be and “legitimize the position as a whole,” a sentiment that has undoubtedly been influenced by previous campus royalty.

“It’s an opportunity to give back to Howard and the community. When speaking to [the 81st Miss Howard University] Kyla Cole, she said something that stuck with me: ‘You should feel blessed because it really is a privilege. The beauty is in the opportunity to serve.’ I want to be able to inspire people across the globe to inspire people to attend HBCUs,” Davis said. 

Beyond campus and HBCU events, Davis plans to use her authority to administer free SAT tests to Dunbar High School, an institution she has volunteered at, hosting educational workshops for teens.


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