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A Peek Into Yardfest: A Conversation With Yardfest Host, Tyra Johnson

By: Tre Edgerton, Staff Reporter

It is Homecoming season and the Hilltop met with one of this year’s International Yardfest hosts, Tyra Johnson, to get the inside scoop on what to expect. Tyra is a junior TV and Film Production major hailing from the Bay Area in California. She has hosted numerous events on campus, from First Friday to this year’s Yardfest. Here is what she said you should expect from this year’s event:

The Hilltop: So, what is Yardfest?

Tyra Johnson:  Yardfest is our annual free concert on the Yard. 2018 marks the third consecutive year of Howard being allowed to have a Yardfest. After Drake came in 2012, the crowd went so crazy that administration shut everything down and removed Yardfest from the Homecoming events. Luckily for me, they brought it back my freshman year [Fall 2016]. It has been the defining event of Howard homecoming and no matter who is on the stage, the experience is always something to remember.

What inspired you to want to host Yardfest?

I have always had a love for entertaining people since I was a child. I fell in love with the energy that takes over a room when everyone is having an amazing time. And there is no better example of that than Howard Homecoming! Knowing that, I also knew that I would regret not at least trying to host any event. Homecoming is a staple of the Howard experience and being able to participate in such a special way this year means the world to me. I feel beyond blessed and extremely honored to have been chosen to be on the big stage.

What should you expect to see at Yardfest this year?

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At Yardfest, you should expect to see some amazing performances! The homecoming committee is working tirelessly to deliver a unique lineup of artists from the DMV, international musical guests, Howard students and of course some big stars. Overall, everyone should expect to have a great time.

Why should everyone come to Yardfest?

Everyone should come to Yardfest, first and foremost, because it’s free! All jokes aside, it is a vibe that truly cannot be described with words. Everybody travels from near and far to be a part of it, and it’s right here on our lawn. How could you not come through?

Hearing it from the host herself, it seems that everyone should make an effort to come out and enjoy the festivities. The two-day event is this Friday and Saturday both starting at noon.


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