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Perspective: Popping Out is About Creativity

By: Madison Brim, Contributing Writer 

Howard University has long earned and kept the title as one of the most fashionable college campuses in the nation. With legendary alum like Kahlana Barfield-Brown, Yashua Simmons and Christina Coleman, it is hard to deny the excellence that our campus exudes in style. But, heavy is the head that wears the crown.

Often times the unique creativity that is exemplified at the mecca is reduced to clout chasing culture, “popping out” and “being seen to just be seen.”

The creativity that we embrace as a community is a beautiful thing. The way we inspire each other to look better, be better and strive for more should be something that we celebrate and, let’s face it, not get competitive over. It’s important that we as a university also don’t reduce ourselves to labels on our back and remember our true purpose: to use the influence we have to create change beyond this campus.

With that being said, Keep using your power to shine light in dark places, to uplift and inspire others and most importantly leave everything with a little bit more fashion than you found it.


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Be Authentic, Be Real, Be You. Stay Creative HU!


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