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Reflection from The Hilltop Business Manager

By Almani Jackson, Business Manager, “The Hilltop” Newspaper

My name is Almani Jackson, a transfer student at Howard University, and the 2016-2017 Business Manager for Howard University’s The Hilltop student newspaper. My reasons for desiring to become the Business Manager was because of my strong desire to become involved on campus, as well as to learn more about my field along with my peers. I was extremely interested in obtaining a managerial position in my career and this opportunity begins a great start to my experience. Being the Business Manager of The Hilltop allows me to make connections with my peers on campus with a similar vision or career path. With being a transfer student, I am looking forward to connecting with my fellow students on campus.

We are moving into a new phase in a long legacy of The Hilltop. It is in the process of transferring to its new location back on 4th street (where in past The Hilltop had its own rowhouse before being demolished for the creation of the Bethune Annex Hall dormitory). This is an exciting time for The Hilltop and everyone should stay tuned in to what is to come in the forthcoming weeks and academic year! To me, this upcoming year is monumental and I hope as Business Manager to continue to raise revenue for The Hilltop. We are going to see a revamp of advertisements and fundraising both on- and off-campus in order to grow awareness about our weekly issues!

By utilizing my current skills and experience, I understand how business transactions are gone about. By also utilizing the skills I am learning in Howard University’s School Of Communications, this will allow me to communicate a message or proposal in confidence as well as being organized and sound. These skills will help me to maneuver the business platform while maintaining a clear and level head about business decisions.

With Truth And Service,

Almani Jackson 


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