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Letters From The Editor


To create dialog and interpersonal conversations between The Hilltop and the Howard University community, the Editor-in-Chief will write a “Letter From The Editor” towards our readers surrounding a topic or subject of choice:

Letter From the Editor: “For The People” [May 2016]

Letter From the Editor: “Ungawa. Black Power.” [June 2016]

Letter From the Editor: “Reflecting on 9/11 and the 9-1-1 Emergency In My Country.” [September 2016]

Letter From the Editor: “Dear Howard: It’s Time To Abolish Columbus Day and Make It Indigenous Peoples Day” [October 2016]

Letter From the Editor: “The Year Of The Panther: Why The Hilltop Is Traveling From Howard To Oakland” [October 2016]

Letter From the Editor: “What Made Me Come To Oakland’s #BlackPanther50: Meeting Bobby Seale and The NAABPP” [October 2016]

Letter From the Editor: “Response To President Frederick’s Letter On Election Day 2016” [November 2016]

Letter From the Editor: “A Luta Continua” [March 2017]

***Disclaimer: “The opinions expressed from Letters From The Editor of The Hilltop do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Howard University, its administration, the Hilltop Board or the student body.”