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Meet the class of 2027: baby bison ready to take Howard by the horns

Hannah Jackson visited Howard on one of many rainy days. (Photo courtesy of Hannah Jackson).

Hannah Jackson, a freshman political science major, reminisces about a winter visit. During this time, she remembers the weather being muggy with a less pleasant atmosphere, but she still chose Mecca as her home for the next four years. 

 “I could tell there were important people here doing important things,” Jackson said, which was a huge factor for her in the college decision process. “They had a mix of being goal-oriented but culturally, emotionally and artistically aware of themselves and of the world.” 

In this virtual age, it has become significantly easier for incoming college students to connect with their classmates before arriving on campus. Mya Buchanan, a freshman health science major, found herself among those who ventured to Instagram pages where people introduce themselves to their fellow classmates. 

Mya Buchanan poses in front of Howard banner confident about her college decision. (Photo from Mya Buchanan)

“You meet good people but I’m scared to meet people that aren’t genuine or people with not the best intentions. But, I’m excited to cultivate relationships with people who have a lot going for themselves. There are so many different kinds of people at Howard and [I can] expand my worldview,” said Buchanan. 

Among the possible relationships that will be built on campus. The ones created before to influence college decision-making are also prevalent. This was true for Marcel Jones, a freshman African-American studies major, who was inspired to attend Howard by people close to him. Which, as a result, made the decision slightly easy. 

“Both my parents went and they have very prominent careers and so many famous African-American people in our culture went there. It’s amazing seeing that I’m going to be walking the same path they walked,” Jones said.

Jones is looking forward to maturing and growing as an individual. Although he lives near the D.C. area, he is excited to know what it is like to live here. Jones is also eager to become more adaptable to any environment. 

“Personal growth is so rich to me. In college, you’re getting into adulthood. I’m really excited to have personal growth at Howard. I know I definitely will,” Jones said.

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Throughout the various stories told by incoming college students, one testament stands true which is the ability to grow and thrive at the Mecca. As these students embark on their Howard journey, they bring not only their aspirations but aim to embrace the University and all it has to offer.

Copy edited by Diamond Hamm


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