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Outfits Of The Week: Best Dressed Students Slay

By Maya Reese, Contributing Writer
Posted 2:45 PM EST, Fri., Feb. 17, 2017
Updated 10:35 PM EST, Tues., Feb. 21, 2017

Howard University has a very diverse population of students, hailing from all over the world. These students express their emotions, personality, and culture via the outfits they choose to wear. Check out some of the best dressed students at Howard University:

Kendall Wharton: Sophomore English major, Legal Communications Minor from Chicago, IL

“I describe my style as one of a kind. I hate looking like other people or having the same clothes as people. I’m very versatile. I like dressing up in heels but I also like wearing gym shoes and hoodies.”

Kendall Wharton showing off her style (Courtesy Photo)

Wharton is sporting a cashmere jacket from Missguided and razor sharp middle part with Balmain jeans. She pairs patent leather pointed toe heels from Steve Madden for an upscale, trendy look.

Raaziq Brown: Junior Human Development Major, Electronic Studio Art Minor from New York, N.Y.

“I thrift most of my clothes and I’m super picky about what I choose to wear. I’m really into textures. Convenience and comfortability is always better than ‘fashion.’ I feel like style is not about brands at all.”

Raaziq is wearing a Howard ear warmer from the book store, a thrifted D.C. fire department jacket, a vintage Disney World sweater, with a Malcolm X Supreme hoodie underneath. For bottoms, he opts for Uniqlo jeans, tied with a piece of material Raaziq inherited from his late grandmother, and a pair of Uggs.

Mia Rosario: Sophomore Biology Major, Chemistry Minor from Fort Lee, N.J.

“My style depends on my mood; mostly dark, romantic meets edgy, but at times I like to switch into classic chic.”

Mia Rosario shows off a dark, edgy yet hip look (Courtesy Photo)

This black-on-black Aaliyah inspired outfit includes fishnet stockings from Spencer’s, a vintage denim skirt perfectly low enough to expose the tights about her navel, sported off her shoulders is a Mackage leather jacket over a BooHoo sweatshirt she cut herself. Underneath, she wore a Dolce & Gabbana bralette, an Etsy boutique choker and Urban Outfitter bandana.

Justin Austin: Senior Computer Science Major from Marietta, GA

“I would describe my style as coziness is key. No matter where you are, you should feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. Style is all about confidence and being able to show the world who you are. One should exude confidence, that’s how you end up pushing boundaries.”

Justin Austin shows his unique personality through his style (Courtesy Photo)

For a street style look, Justin is wearing a half-camo Bape shark hoodie under a 2015 North Face Supreme Fall/Winter puffy jacket with fitted Nike Tech sweats, cognac Adidas socks, and pink Raf Simons Adidas shoes. He accessorizes with a cognac two-toned Gucci hat, detailed Tom Ford glasses, and a MCM mid-sized backpack.

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