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Anim Dankwah receives Howard University Football’s First NFL Combine Invite in 10 years

Anim Dankwah, a 2023 Howard alum, has been invited to showcase his athleticism at the 2024 NFL Combine.

Anim Dankwah in Howard University football locker room. (Photo courtesy of Jay Spinks)

Boasting a six-foot-eight, 362-pound frame, Anim Dankwah has emerged as a key component to the Bison’s success in its past seasons. His physical presence on the field has garnered attention from NFL scouts, making him a standout prospect.

Throughout his collegiate career, Dankwah received a multitude of accolades which only bolstered his status. In 2021, he was named to the MEAC All-Conference Second Team and the  Phil Steele FCS All-MEAC Third Team.

The following year, he secured a spot on the Bluebloods All-Conference First Team and Phil Steele FCS All-MEAC First Team and an All-MEAC First Team Selection. In 2022 as well, Dankwah also played a role in Howard’s championship run which earned them a share of the MEAC regular season championship– a feat not accomplished since 1993.

In 2023, the team and Dankwah and the Bison reclaimed the MEAC regular season championship, further solidifying his legacy.  

Larry Scott, head coach of the Howard football team, credits Dankwah for playing an essential role in the recent accomplishments of the team. 

“For us to have the success that we had as an offense, our offensive line and our program; he’s been a big piece,” Scott told The Hilltop.

Coach Scott attributed Dankwah’s individual success not only to game experience but rather to his lifestyle changes.

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“[He’s] gotten better with just overall nutrition and health and overall strength and conditioning,” Scott said.

Howard’s football coaching staff has confidence in their training of Dankwah, firmly believing in his potential to transition into a professional football player.  

“Our schemes and our approach and our mentality towards playing football is very much in tune to what it takes to develop into being a pro,” Scott said. 

Viewing the invitation as a stepping stone rather than the ultimate goal, the HBCU standout remains focused on the journey ahead, recognizing it as a pivotal moment in his path to success.

“I was happy, told some of my friends and then I just told myself this now means I have to work harder,” Dankwah said.

Dankwah’s invitation not only highlights the talent and dedication he has demonstrated but also showcases the program’s role in shaping him into the player he is today. It serves as a testament to the caliber of athletes produced by HBCU athletics, dispelling any doubts about their ability to nurture professional-level talent.

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“I think it’s not only huge for him but huge for Howard as a whole in terms of letting people know how talented we are here and the talent that we do possess with all of HBCU football,” Arthur Ray, offensive line coach at Howard said. 

Throughout his tenure with the Howard football program, Dankwah helped fortify the offense and played an essential role in the championships won over recent years. His unwavering passion for the game, coupled with the effort put in during his time at Howard, has now positioned him to reap the rewards and move closer to his football aspirations.

“Getting that combine invite means a lot,” said Dankwah. “It just means that I’m getting closer to my dreams and goals.”

Copy edited by D’ara Campbell


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