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Speakout: Will Howard Students Take Measures to Protect Themselves From COVID-19 During Homecoming?

Howard students share the many ways that they will be taking COVID-19 precautions during homecoming. 

After a slowdown in infections this summer, the number of COVID-19 hospital admissions is once again on the rise. In Washington, D.C., CDC data shows that there has been a positive 23% change in COVID-19 hospitalizations just in the past week.

While the public health agency notes that the number is small, thousands of current and former Bison will head to campus from around the world to partake in homecoming festivities. With this, The Hilltop wanted to know if Howard students were planning to take precautions to keep themselves safe from the virus. 

Dee’Ajah Brown, 21

Senior psychology major

Rahway, New Jersey 

“I plan on staying home if I don’t feel well, and making sure that my friends and I are feeling good before we go out.”

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Myriama Zaine, 19

Sophomore nursing major

PG County, Maryland 

“I will be safe during these homecoming times by taking a Covid test if I feel sick.” 

Chyna-Lee Hunter,18

Freshman psychology Major 

Miami, Florida 

“For Covid precautions during homecoming, I’ll focus on how I feel. If I know that something is going around, I’ll stay home.”

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Jenna Akousa, 20

Third-year architecture major 

Baltimore, Maryland

“For this year’s homecoming, I’ll be keeping myself safe by being aware of my surroundings because I know last year a lot of people got sick. ” 

Dolores Turner, 19

Sophomore Computer Science major 

Oakland, California 

“I’ll stay safe by taking a covid test before going out, and if I feel sick ill stay in.” 

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Joshua Maxwell, 21

Junior E-studio major 

Providence, Rhode Island 

“In order to stay safe, I’ll be sure to test myself before and after big events like Yard Fest. Also, I’ll be sure to keep a mask with me at all times.” 

Copy edited by Whitney Meritus 


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