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Letter to the Editor: Palestinian Resistance

In a very recent yesterday, which has gestured toward our world’s tomorrow, the people of Palestine (through their government) began to strike in decisive violence against settler intruders on their native land. 

This operation called the Al-Aqsa Flood, took control of previously occupied Palestinian settlements and wounded the settler state in an unprecedented show of strength and vitality of the Palestinian people. 

The Iron Dome missile [air] defense system failed to stop a determined Hamas force, the backing of Western imperialism failed to make the soldiers of the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) immortal, and the Palestinian people have by force, initiated a chapter in their resistance that the world, who is not invested in colonial order and Western hegemony, must now stand decisively by in history. 

This violent force by which the Palestinian people have initiated their resistance is necessary, as it is violence borne of self-defense against an illegitimate state,  [that] tries to expand itself with imperialist violence, which is only painted as correct because the colonial world gives it legitimacy. 

We who are Black, and therefore colonized peoples, must not give it legitimacy. I have purposefully not even endeavored to, and will not mention its name. You can find that information out on one of the imperialist news outlets.

The Palestinian people are defending themselves from an imperialist violence that  has been raging since 1948. Seizing their land,  killing their children and using their people as a scientific testing ground for weapons technology. 

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We who are Black, colonized peoples, must understand this as reflective of our realities because it is the same tactic that makes everyday violence against us normal. 

In fact, many U.S. police departments even train themselves on the imperially seized grounds of the Palestinian people. Conversely, the Palestinian people have helped us in our struggles to make our lives valuable by teaching Black protestors tactics to keep themselves safe during Ferguson. 

Our struggles, our stakes, are inexorably connected and we must be courageous and intelligent enough to understand this when MSNBC, NBA teams and Barack Obama say otherwise. From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be free. There are tomorrows to win and only chains to lose.

Copy edited by Diamond Hamm

Editor’s note: The writer of this letter preferred to use a pen name out of fear of retaliation for showing support of the Palestinian people.

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