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Howard’s Got Style!

An inside look at the fashion sense of Howard students on the first day of classes for the spring semester.

Zenobia Wiley (They/He)

Sophomore International business major

Houston, Texas

“My style has Seductive Fluidity. I would say I find some way to look sexy in some sort of way. My favorite thing on me right now is my coat.” 

Ahmad Bethel (Left)

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Freshman Marketing major

Nassau, Bahamas

KeVaughan Williams (Right)

Freshman Biology Major

The Bronx, New York

“I would describe my style as eccentric, regal, and for the moment different. My favorite piece on my body would be my sweater.”

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“I would describe my style as fluctuating. It’s just whatever I’m feeling in the moment. I think my favorite thing on my body right now has to be my sneakers. I like to start my outfit off with my sneakers and move from there.”

Eke Djibril

Freshman Health Science major

Togo by way of Omaha, Nebraska

“My personal style, I would say is elegant with a little bit of edge and class. I like the fashion model look. My favorite item I have on right now would be my jacket. It’s really nice and furry, and it just looks very good. It makes my outfit pop.”

Zoé Coker

Junior African American Studies major

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Houston, Texas

“My personal style is definitely influenced by the 90’s. When I first moved to D.C. it was influenced by the 70’s and 60’s and Jamaican fashion and then I matured into liking more solid pieces. If I had to choose, my favorite thing I’m wearing right now is definitely my shoes but also my jacket.”

Jahi Nixon (Left)

Junior Marketing Major

Union County, New Jersey

“One of my favorite items to wear is my Jordan 1’s that I have on or my flared pants I have on right now too.”

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Milan Smith (Right)

Senior Television and Film Major

Kansas City, Missouri

“My favorite piece on my outfit right now is my [Nike] Community Garden Dunks.”


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