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Campus Life Staff Serves Students on the First ‘Soul Food Thursday’ of the Semester 

A student reaches for a plate of “Soul Food” from a server. Photo Courtesy of Demetrick Conyers.

Members of Howard University Campus Life staff served students lunch on the first Thursday of the spring semester as part of their “Back to the Mecca” Spring 2023 welcome week.

On Jan. 12, a line of over 200 students extended throughout the Blackburn Café basement floor and up the staircases as students waited to experience Howard’s weekly “Soul Food Thursday” tradition.

Campus Life plans and hosts events that students participate in such as Spring Fest, and is the center for student leadership, clubs, and other extracurricular activities.

A student prepares to eat. Photo Courtesy of Demetrick Conyers. 

The food that staff members served included fried chicken, ribs, marshmallow yams, mac and cheese, rice and beans, collard greens, and cornbread.

Program Coordinator of Student Leadership for Campus Life, Caprice King, was among those serving food to students. She explained why serving students lunch was especially meaningful to her. “The family environment is really important so being able to be in a space where that all ties into being a family, like eating amongst each other and soul food in general. It was a pretty exciting day for us,” she said. 

Students crowd in line as they await entering the Blackburn Café. Photo Courtesy of Demetrick Conyers.

The efforts led by Campus Life do not go unnoticed by the students, it seems. Sophomore Timi Fadugba shared that, “Seeing Campus Life staff serving students was very delightful. It showed the connection they have with the student body. Also, it showed their caring spirit serving undergraduate bison.”

Sophomore Jackson Cox shared, “My favorite dish is easily the mac and cheese. I wish they were giving out the recipe.”

While speaking with King she shared, “I have a newfound respect for all of the [Blackburn cafeteria] workers down there. It was constant business… we got no breaks the whole time unless some chicken ran out,” she said. “It’s important for our students to be respectful of the people who are serving them because it’s not easy.”

Blackburn Café staff hold up a plate of food. Photo Courtesy of Demetrick Conyers. 

“Back to the Mecca” welcome week included a hot cocoa bar with the Office of Residence Life & Housing on Monday, bingo night on Tuesday, movie night on Wednesday, and massages with the Undergraduate Student Assembly on Thursday and Friday.

Student Affairs and Campus Life will continue to host events for students throughout the year. To stay updated, be sure to follow Campus Life on social media @hucampuslife.

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Copy edited by Chanice McClover-Lee


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