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“I Just Wanted To Say Thank You”

During the last week of classes, The Hilltop asked HU students who they are most grateful for. As the semester winds down and the holidays settle in, Bison were happy to reflect on the people that make a difference in their lives. From parents to little siblings and friends, listen to hear them say thank you in real-time.

“My name is Annia Matthews, and I am a Junior computer science major from Phoenix, Arizona. I am most grateful for my mom because she is always there to listen and support me, even if she thinks I’m being an idiot. She loves me a lot and I never have to second-guess that.”

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“My name is Maxwell McGadney, and I am a junior sports medicine major and chemistry minor on a pre-med track from Illinois. I am most grateful for my immediate family – my mom, dad, and siblings. Because they are the base, the foundation of what I stand for. most of my morals are from what they have rubbed off on me, and I love the person I’ve become, so I love them.”

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“My name is Jalen Gunter, and I am from Memphis, Tennessee. I am a Junior Psychology major and business minor. I would say I’m most grateful right now for my friends in the circle I’ve kind of accumulated here at Howard. I know for me, I can tend to just kind of be a loner and kind of do my own thing, so it’s great to know that I have people who think similar to me and kind of move similar to me, so I know that I don’t have to be alone. Like there are people I have that I can go to interact with who kind of understand me and kinda get the things I’m doing and going through, so it definitely makes it a lot easier .”

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“I am Kalaya Jones. I am a Sophomore Psychology major, Biology minor from Oakland, California. I wanna say I am most grateful for my little sister. Our relationship is very strong, and we have gone through everything together.”

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“My name is Nathaniel Mitchell. I am a second-year BFA musical theater major from Washington, D.C. I think I am the most grateful for my father. I feel like he has been a consistent role model in my life, and on top of that, he has blessed me with an environment that is not judgemental but is still critical of my decisions which I think is a very hard line to walk, and I think he does it very well. And because of the way he raised me and his successes, I feel like I am capable of doing the same. He does a lot for me, and I am very grateful for his leadership and his mentorship. He is also my friend, which, again, is a very hard line to walk.” 

“My name is Gabriel Bryant, I am an Audio Production major from PG County, Maryland, and I am a sophomore.  My family has been so supportive in my college journey, they have really helped me and have taught me how to be more independent. Being the baby of the family, you get the advantage of just having these wise people who can help you through your journey of adulthood. And, of course, my friends who have been here through thick and thin – through my good times and bad times, just all the times. ”

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“Hello, my name is Kayla Huntley, I am a sophomore TV and Film major, and playwriting minor from Brooklyn, New York. I am grateful for a lot of people, but the top of the list is my little brother Cyan. He’s just such a cutie patootie, I love him so much, and he actually gives me a lot of confidence. He randomly comes up to me and just reminds me of how smart I am and how beautiful I am, and it’s really touching because he is only 5 years old. The fact that he can tell when I am insecure or when I am down, he comes and gives me hugs and kisses and just lifts me up. I love him so much, and I miss him while I am at college.”

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