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WarnerMusic Blavatnik Center Collaborates with Models of the Mecca to Debut Rapper’s New Song

Howard University modeling organization, Models of the Mecca, stars in Killuminatii’s latest single, “Twin.”

The newly founded Warner Music Blavatnik Center for Music Business hosted a meet and greet and model walk to promote rapper, Killuminatii’s latest single in partnership with Models of the Mecca, a Howard University modeling organization, Tuesday, Nov. 1. The event was entirely student-led. 

Marketed as a “Music x Fashion” collaboration, the meet and greet began with a twin-themed model walk as an ode to Killumantii’s new single, “Twin,” from her debut album, “My Bad I’m Late.” Later, the Mecca Models and visiting students had the opportunity to star in a scene of the rapper and content creator’s music video.

Mecca Model Creative Directors Phoenix Smith and Nadia Wong and Warner Music representative and fellow Janetlynn Hopson worked together to curate an event centered around the new single.

“I really wanted to incorporate modeling into the twin aspect of Killuminatiii’s song,” Hopson said. “I feel like clothing speaks volumes and it kind of works with music really well. So I felt like having the visual aspect on top of the audio aspect with Howard in the background worked really well.“ When asked why Models of the Mecca, Hopson said reliability and creativity were top priorities. “I just knew they’re a great organization to work with and they’re an organization that executes,” she added.

Smith and Wong envisioned an event that differed from the typical style of campus fashion shows. Howard University’s Valley was an integral part of bringing the event to life. “I just think The Valley is underused,” Smith said. “It’s a good spot, it’s different. I feel like there’s too many ‘on the yard’ shows.”

Located in the lower quadrangle between Founder’s Library and the Chemistry Building, The Valley is a hot spot for day parties and welcome week festivities.

“My freshman year, one of the first events I went to was Rep My Flag and I liked how [the valley] was like a stage ambiance… and we’re also promoting her song, ‘Twin,’ and I saw the Twin staircases so like, that little detail helped us choose The Valley,” Wong said. 

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By collaborating with organizations like Models of the Mecca, Hopson hopes to continue creating opportunities for other students on campus. 

“This was something kind of big, Warner Music is not no little production,” Smith acknowledged. “The fact that Howard University, Models of the Mecca, and then on a smaller level, Nadia and I were able to produce this is really important because both of us want to do this as our career.”

The Warner Music Blavatnik Center for Music Business offers a one-year fellowship program for high-potential students interested in pursuing careers in the music industry. The program provides its fellows with scholarships, face time with industry professionals, and opportunities to host activations like this one. 

More information can be found on their Instagram (@warnermusicathu) and in the center, Room 426-427 in the School of Business.

Copy edited by Alana Matthew

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