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Howard Homecoming: How Did Students Traverse the Meccaverse?

Freshmen, sophomores and juniors at the Mecca are finally experiencing their first in-person Howard homecoming. Coined as the “Meccaverse,” hopes were high as the well-awaited week drew near. Did expectations shift as the week progressed?

Freshman Chris Cole, pictured with braids, watches the homecoming game on the sidelines.
Junior Gjianni White stands on the Yard waiting for Yard Fest to begin.
Senior Deja Parks (right) waits in line for step show tickets at Cramton.
Transfer senior Linda Akele (left) laughs with her friends at HU YardFest.

With a wide range of feelings about this year’s homecoming experience, it’s fair to say that the Meccaverse was a bit of a mixed bag for people. However, with the knowledge of how people felt about this year’s festivities, the committee overseeing the events should be much better prepared for next year and beyond. With more and more students coming to campus and the University slowly transitioning out of its COVID protocols, it’s not hard to imagine that future will continue to improve.

Copy edited by Jadyn Barnett


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