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Where to Shop Without Mom and Pop 

From living alone to balancing school and social life, going to college comes with a lot of major adjustments. Shopping for food alone may be scary at first, but we’ve put together a list of grocery stores in the D.C. area to ease the stress. 

  1. Whole Foods 
Whole Foods Market. Photo courtesy of Retail Forever. 

Whole Foods is a popular grocery store specializing in natural and organic food products. Their closest location to the main campus is 967 Florida Ave, NW. Whole Foods carries a wide selection of groceries, but its prices are slightly higher than other contenders in the area. They feature hot food, sushi, a pizza bar and a deli for quick meals on the go. Inside, you can also find PLNT Burger, a vegan fast food chain that sells burgers, fries and shakes.

  1. Giant Food  
Giant Food. Photo courtesy of Holcombe of Hidalgo. 

One stop on the Metro Green/Yellow line will take you to Giant Food, a supermarket chain located in Columbia Heights at 1345 Park Rd, NW. Giant Food is a standard supermarket where you can find nearly anything, as well as a full service pharmacy. The prices at Giant Food are comparable to other supermarkets, and they regularly have deals on their products so you can save that extra buck. 

  1. Trader Joe’s 
Trader Joe’s sign. Photo courtesy of Mike Mozart. 

Less than a mile from the Yard you can find Trader Joe’s, the famed grocery store, most known for its unique food items. The nearest location to campus is at 1914 14th St, NW. Trader Joe’s prides itself on having affordable prices and a signature selection of products. This store is especially convenient for college students as they feature a wide array of frozen foods to stock up on. 

  1. The Market at Howard Plaza Towers-West
Howard Plaza Towers-West. Photo courtesy of

If you’re trying to secure some quick groceries without stepping foot off campus, head over to Howard Plaza Towers-West. Nestled in the lobby of this residence hall is a convenience store that accepts Dining Dollars, Bison Bucks, cash, and credit or debit cards. Though it has significantly less inventory than a traditional grocery store, The Market’s proximity to campus makes it the perfect place to pick up packaged food, snacks, or cleaning essentials. 

Copy edited by Alana Matthew


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