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The Legacy Continues: Meet the Class of 2026!

Photo courtesy of Jaida Nutall. 

Every fall, Howard welcomes a talented group of individuals who embody the institution’s legacy, pride and history. This year, the class of 2026 is excited and ready to make their imprint on the yard. 

With each class getting more competitive, the campus community looks forward to seeing what the class of 2026 will contribute to The Mecca. This class is eager and ready to get to campus. 

Shawn-Michael Samuels, a rising freshman marketing major from Georgia says he is most excited about the bonds and personal growth he will make on his journey. 

“For me, moving in is a very exciting time,” said Samuels. “I am looking forward to this experience and I hope to cultivate many important friendships and become a complete and better version of myself.”

When asking the incoming class one word that embodies Howard University, “legacy” came up numerous times. 

The legacy of Howard is a strong representation of Black excellence. From the White House to the United Nations, the Bison family is always represented. 

Taraji P. Henson, Thurgood Marshall, Chadwick Boseman, Toni Morrison and many more are notable alumni of Howard University who left The Mecca and made a significant impact on the world. 

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Students at Howard look at these notable alumni and see themselves. Brock Morgan, a rising freshman journalism major understood Howard’s legacy and how it could affect his future. He knew Howard would provide him with the culture and opportunities of a lifetime. 

“Multiple historic alumni have used Howard University as an opportunity for a stepping stone to produce and create themselves into a success story, and I plan on doing the same,” Morgan said.

Some attend Howard because of our notable alumni, others come because of the unique culture, but many come because of the opportunities that are presented to the students. 

Angeline Dossen, a rising freshman computer science major from New Jersey said her choice was relatively easy. 

Photo courtesy of Angeline Dossen.

“The Black excellence produced at this university is amazing. My field of study, computer science, is mostly made up of people who don’t look like me. With only seven percent of Black women being represented in this field, my hopes are to be surrounded by people, mainly women who look like me who can share similar experiences,” Dossen stated. “Not only am I getting an impeccable education, but I am also creating memories with beautiful people.” 

Being surrounded by other educated Black students is a privilege that HBCU students get to inherit. It is up to the students to make the connections and carry on the torch. 

College is not only about academics, but about how students grow as individuals and the class of 2026 is ready to take advantage of all that Howard has to offer. 

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Copy edited by Chanice McClover-Lee


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