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Nine Howard Students Open Up About Their Favorite Parts of D.C.

Nine Howard University students from around the country gave The Hilltop some insight on why they believe D.C. is a unique place to be a college student.

Nine Howard University students from around the country gave The Hilltop some insight on why they believe D.C. is a unique place to be a college student. 

Photo Courtesy of Aysia Hilliard.
  1. Aysia Hilliard, junior biology major, chemistry minor from Atlanta, Georgia.

“Since I grew up in the south, it’s not as diverse and people really just go off of your race, are you Black? Are you white? And that’s pretty much it. Here in D.C., it’s very diverse and so I discovered a lot of cultures through people’s ethnicities. Like Ethiopian food, Indian food, Thai and Vietnamese food that I wouldn’t have had back home in my southern state.”

Photo Courtesy of Rachel Miller.
  1. Rachel Miller, senior transfer student, psychology major, chemistry major, pre-dental from Rockville, Maryland, by way of Jamaica.

“Accessibility, I feel like there’s a lot of ways to get around in D.C., and there’s also a lot to do, there’s something for everyone. I come to D.C. often to, you know, eat or go out stuff like that, and it’s pretty easy to get around; you have the option of bus, metro – some places are just walking distance, which isn’t common where I’m from in Maryland.” 

Photo Courtesy of Tre’Von Griffin.
  1. Tre’Von Griffin junior nutritional sciences major, biology/chemistry double minor from Bronx, New York, by way of Connecticut.

“My favorite part about D.C. is the fact that I’m always discovering something new. I’ve been living in D.C. for over a year, and I’m always learning something new about this area– if it’s going out and exploring or simply engaging with the D.C. residents.”

Photo Courtesy of Fatoumata Jatta.
  1. Fatoumata Jatta, sophomore political science major from Manchester, Connecticut, by way of Gambia.

“I like Washington because of the diversity here, there’s people from all around the world. They all come to this capital and with them they bring their culture, their food and their beliefs. So, it’s like you’re always learning something new with each person that you meet.” 

Photo Courtesy of Matthew Getachew.
  1. Matthew Getachew, freshman computer science major from Denver, Colorado.

“My favorite part about D.C. is probably the Black excellence that’s on and around Howard’s campus and just around the city, really. It’s really cool seeing Black people in power in a city like D.C.”

  1. Jamiliah Eubanks, freshman computer science major from Manchester, Connecticut.

“My favorite part of D.C. is probably Meridian Park. I only got to visit here at night but it tops all of the places I’ve been to during the day. It’s a great spot for me to journal, look out, and also people watch.” 

Photo Courtesy of Omari Lawrence.
  1. Omari Lawrence, freshman health science major pre-med track from Baltimore, Maryland.

“My favorite part of D.C. is just the overall city life, especially in areas like U Street because it’s just full of vibes and different people that just enjoy life and enjoy having fun in life. There’s so much to do and I just love the city life of D.C.” 

Photo Courtesy of Sydney Maxey.
  1. Sydney Maxey, freshman health management major from Feeding Hills, Massachusetts.

“I would say my favorite part of D.C. is the diversity and culture. There is always somewhere exciting to go. On the weekends my friends and I like to try out new coffee shops and bakeries.” 

Photo Courtesy of Shajada Simon.
  1. Shajada Simon, freshman political science major from Hartford, Connecticut. 

“My favorite spot in D.C. aside from Howard University would have to be Gallery Place Chinatown for the simple fact that it’s really close to campus. It’s accessible and not that far. There’s a lot of food spots to try and a lot of things to do and see so you’re not bored. My friends and I go to the movies there. We went to this karaoke spot called ‘Wok N Roll,’ and then we go to our favorite boba spot ‘ShareTea.’ So yeah, Gallery Place would have to be my favorite part of D.C..”

Copy edited by: N’dia Webb


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