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In the Mix: A Track on Howard DJ’s

(Shawn Don’s Logo Photo Credit: Shawn Dinwiddie)

Howard is a cultural hub for fashion, music and, of course, partying. The historic events and parties are all fueled by one thing- Howard’s very own extensive list of DJ’s. Shawn Dinwiddie is one of the premiere DJ’s on campus this school year.

Dinwiddie is a senior legal communications major by day, and DJ Shawn Don by night. His mixes are known for being a mixture of today’s top rap and R&B records, and some soulful classics from the past. 

“I remember spending hours in my basement at home and going on Instagram live to showcase my talent. It’s playing music with my close friends that really brings me joy,” Dinwiddie said.

Dinwiddie began officially spinning his sophomore year, as a protege for Howard alum Quincy Youngreen. 

Photo of Shawn Dinwiddie and Quincy Youngreen DJing. Photo Credit: Maiz Lawson

“Shawn and I have been super close since he first got to Howard, but our relationship went to a new level after he started Djing. I learned about a year before him, so we’ve definitely grown together as DJ’s. I’m so proud of Shawn and I can’t wait to see where his talent takes him next,” Youngreen shared. 

When people hear the tag, “Shawn Don, take me to Jupiter” some listeners anticipate that the vibe of the night will be fun and a source of high energy.

“My favorite Howard event that I spun at was the private HBCU listening party for Cordae. He’s a great, inspiring artist currently and I’ve been a fan of his work for some years,” Dinwiddie said.

Outside of Howard, Dinwiddie has spun at various clubs in D.C. and his hometown, Atlanta. Dinwiddie can be found at Opera Ultra Lounge on Fridays, Brooklyn and Privilege Lounge on Sundays and various pop-up darties and celebrations in between. 

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To Dinwiddie, “It seems like everyday I get offered a better opportunity than from the day before and it keeps me going. I love collaborating with other DJ’s and providing genuine experiences for my peers.”

Youngreen claimed, “Shawn’s style is just lit. He’s the coolest kid and has a really strong ear for what’s hot. He’s always ahead of trends and spins the perfect mix of mainstream & underground music to keep the party going all night. If you’re hugging the wall during a Shawn set, you’re wrong!”

Dinwiddie has also created some mixes in his free time, which can be found on his Soundcloud page. 

Recently, the DJ has started teaching his friends the art of crowd control and vibe setting. Nyah Bernucho, a junior public relations major english minor from Austin, Texas, has now become DJ Mille. 

Photos of Shawn Dinwiddie, Nyah Bernucho and Tavia Roaché. Photo Credits: Rashad Oliver & Nyah Bernucho
Photos of Shawn Dinwiddie, Nyah Bernucho and Tavia Roaché. Photo Credits: Rashad Oliver & Nyah Bernucho

“Since coming to Howard I’ve always been around my friends djing and wanted to eventually learn, I was just so nervous about sharing my music with other people. I reached out to Shawn and he let me and my friend Tav (DJ RO) hop on and from there we bought our boards and started spinning everyday. It’s been addicting honestly but I’m just so happy to be getting official gigs,” shared Nyah. “I’m interning in NYC this summer and I definitely want to start DJing out there, trying different styles and venues, just always learning. Shawn is amazing at his job and I’m honored to be one of his students, especially since DJing has brought so much light into my life since I started last month.” 

Youngreen confirmed that his protege has exceeded his expectations. 

“It’s been the biggest privilege to watch Shawn take over because we really put HOURS into this. COVID-19 stopped a lot of our plans over the last 2 years and I’m just so happy he’s been able to have the senior year he’s having. I knew Shawn was going to kill this year, he’s just simply the man on campus,” said Youngreen.

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Dinwiddie believes that the Mecca was essential to his evolution and experiences as a mixer.

“I think djing at Howard has provided the largest network for my interests. It’s definitely been a challenge being a student during the day and a nighttime dweller. I wouldn’t trade this experience with anything else, though,” he said.

Shawn Dinwiddie DJing at Privilege Lounge on U Street. Photo by Myía Borland

To find out what events DJ Shawn Don will be spinning at next, use his linktree for Eventbrite tickets.

Copy edited by Jasper Smith


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