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Howard’s Men’s Basketball Team Gains Confidence With Second Win of the Season

The Howard University Bison dominated in their second game of the season against the Regent University Royals, winning the game 118-54.

(33) Tai Bibbs fastbreak slam. Photo Courtesy of Jon Musselwhite.

The Howard University Bison dominated in their second game of the season against the Regent University Royals, winning the game 118-54. 

The team, filled with several new additions, played as a unit on the court, allowing them to make strategic decisions on both offense and defense. 

The Bison started the game with full force, winning the tip off, as starters, 6-foot-4-inches guard Khalil Robinson (0), 6-foot-10-inches forward  Steve Settle, III (2), 6-foot-7-inches forward Randall Brumant (20), 6-foot-3-inches guard Tai Bibbs (33) and 6-foot-4-inches guard Bryce Harris (34)  immediately gained control of the court. 

Settle put up the first basket of the game with an assist from Robinson. Harris quickly followed and scored his first three pointer of the evening. 

Harris, a freshman guard from Brentwood, New York, was a key player throughout the game, ending the night with 26 points, nine rebounds and five steals. 

“It came down to our defense, the defense created a lot of offense for us. The energy was great, we put pressure on the ball and a lot of times when you play like that it’s a lot easier to score, not only for me but for the whole team,” Harris said. 

Throughout the first quarter, the Royals missed several shots, including multiple free throws. This allowed the Bison to gain a quick lead early on in the game. Coach Kenneth Blakeney made his first substitution with Sam Greene, Kyle Foster, Jordan Wood, Deven Richmond, and kept Bibbs in from the first rotation. 

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Bibbs, a guard from Chicago, Illinois, became crucial when it came to setting up the play. He ended the game with eight assists, the most for any of the Bison. Bibbs quickly racked up two fouls in the first quarter and was immediately subbed out with Robinson. 

With 12:16 left in the first half, the Bison led 31-6. Foster had an impressive night, scoring multiple deep shots from outside of the three pointer line and forcing turnovers, finishing the game with a total of 18 points. 

As the first half came to a close, the Bison maintained their strong lead with a score of 67-30. The Bison came back from the locker room with intensified energy and drive to finish the game the way they started it. The team opens the second half with steady passes and communication throughout the court. 

Harris said, “We just locked in on this thing we call EGB’s: Energy Generating Behavior’s. As long as we locked in on those and we stayed disciplined, it’s easy to get that energy and it’s easy to stay consistent throughout the game.”

Randall Brumant, forward from Houston, Texas, demonstrated his athletic talent as he made several strong drives to the basket, racking up a 16 point game. Both Brumant and Bibbs are graduate students, and finished their undergraduate studies at Columbia University. Due to Covid-19, their 2020-2021 season was cancelled. They have shown they are more than ready to be back playing college ball. 

A key player in the game against the University of the District of Columbia Firebirds the night before, Elijah Hawkins, a freshman guard from Washington, D.C., did not suit up for this game, but was on the sidelines supporting his teammates. He had an impressive first college career game debut, ending that game with 23 points. 

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“It does a lot for the team’s confidence,” Harris said on winning their first two games of the season. “What I’ve been told in past years, there hasn’t been an atmosphere like this in awhile, so coming in and all of us coming in and getting a win and playing hard, it’s gratifying.”

The Bison will head on the road for four away games starting with Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois. The team will make their return to Burr Gymnasium Nov. 26 at 3 p.m. EST.

Copy edited by Jasper Smith


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