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D.C. Sisters Start CBD Line Catering to Women of Color

Sisters Nia and Malaika Jones began to notice that they, like many other women, were feeling exhausted and burnt out from juggling both motherhood and working in a busy city.

Sisters Malaika Jones (left) and Nia Jones (right) Photo Courtesy of Balanced Black Girl.

Sisters Nia and Malaika Jones began to notice that they, like many other women, were feeling exhausted and burnt out from juggling both motherhood and working in a busy city. So, they founded BROWN GIRL Jane, a company in the CBD industry that focuses on bringing attention to wellness within the Black community. 

“While I thought I had a plan for everything in my life, I had no idea how to prioritize myself or my own wellness,” Malaika said. “I started BROWN GIRL Jane soon after.” 

Malaika spent many years as a senior executive in investment banking and trading after graduating from Spelman College and Harvard Business School’s Executive Education program. After her youngest child was born, she left Wall Street and began her own consulting firm, guiding minority and women-led businesses. 

In the midst of her career, there was never a plan in regards to her own health until she was forced to confront it head on following severe spinal nerve damage during the birth of her third child. 

“I began experimenting with holistic alternatives to traditional pharmaceuticals and discovered plant medicine. I’ve never looked back,” she said.

Her sister Nia has a similar story when it comes to her passion for accessible CBD products. A graduate of Spelman College and New York University, she spent most of her career as a leader in Philanthropic Management and Diversity. This background made her especially aware of the inequalities in the hemp industry, and she aims to make it more accessible to people of color. 

BROWN GIRL Jane aims to aid in the wellness of women by bringing balance and healing to the body. Using hemp grown exclusively in the United States, they create products such as wellness drops and body butter, which are infused with Cannabidiol (CBD). 

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Their products fall under three categories; wellness, skincare and fragrance. The wellness section includes products such as Balance and Rest Wellness Drops, which can be dropped directly onto the tongue, into a drink or in a meal. They use CBD along with other supporting cannabinoids to help reduce stress and anxiety while boosting overall wellness without intoxicating the user. 

CBD is a chemical that is naturally found in cannabis — such as marijuana or hemp plants — and because CBD is different from tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), there are no feelings of intoxication or the ‘high’ typically associated with cannabis. 

The skincare section of the website features products such as a face serum, body butter and body oil. These products are meant to help skin feel dewy and soft, without a lingering greasy feeling.

Finally, the fragrance section of the site features two perfumed candles. Each candle is divided into three sections, each with its own distinct scent combinations, that come together to create a relaxing atmosphere for the room. 

Nia describes how impactul using the BROWN GIRL Jane line has been for her own life.  “Our collection has felt like a deep breath on the days I need it most. I’m a busy mama living in New York City, I am all too familiar with the city — and particularly the kiddos in my apartment — that never sleeps.” 

With Malaika serving as the company’s Chief Executive Officer, and Nia serving as Chief Impact Officer, they are joined by a third party — Tai Beauchamp, who serves as the company’s Chief Brand Officer. 

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“When I first experienced the BROWN GIRL Jane collection,” Beauchamp said, “I was blown away by the efficacy…This range was a game changer for me and it became my obsession to introduce it to women, especially women of color everywhere.” 

BROWN GIRL Jane Foundation  has a considerable stance on giving back to the community that gives to them. In partnership with Shea Moisture and Vaseline, they have granted over $405,000 to women of color who are beauty and wellness entrepreneurs. They also donate a portion of their sales to Black Women’s Health Imperative, “a non-profit that is aligned with our mission: bettering the lives and wellness of women of color.” 

All BROWN GIRL Jane products are available as either one time purchases, or on a subscription plan, either monthly or bimonthly. Wellness product prices range from $54 to $83, skincare prices range from $41 to $82 and fragrance prices range from $40 to $58. 

Copy edited by Jasper Smith


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