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Letter From the Editor

Everyday when we walk this campus we should inquire internally, reflecting on how we actively illustrate our individual definition.

Dear Readers,

What does it mean to be illustrious? Everyday when we walk this campus we should inquire internally, reflecting on how we actively illustrate our individual definition. It is more than a privilege to struggle here. At Howard, the weak become strong. It is where leaders transform into legends. It is where we are guided by a white beacon of light. We did not end up here by chance.

Through intentionality and insurmountable insurgence, we are slowly fulfilling the promise and purpose of our life. This university is an intricate detail in the silver lining of our dreams. But for some, the experience has been a nightmare. Social media has broadcasted the worst parts of our home to the world.

Tik-tok trained us to turn truth into comedic tragedy. As we mask our pain with a heartfelt smile, millions of viewers are vaguely beginning to visualize the value in Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). The consensus in the comments is that we are worthless. 

The question remains, how can someone treasure a school whose students trash it’s name? It must be understood that new attendees have to learn how to find love for our legacy. Howard University was chartered as a university by an act of the United States Congress in 1867. It is the only HBCU to hold that distinction. Founded in 1980, Howard University Television, WHUT-TV, was the first African-American-owned public television station in the nation. It is also the only university-licensed public television station located in the metropolitan Washington viewing area, which includes more than three million households. Additionally,Howard University is the leading producer of African-American students entering medical schools in the U.S. 

We currently have the highest number of HBCU Rhodes Scholars to study at the University of Oxford. And these accomplishments are just the tip of the iceberg. As an institution, instructors have always respected the student body’s right to have a voice. And as a journalist, I encourage you to do your research before you speak. As a trailblazer, I recommend you do it respectfully.

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Empathize with those who have fought for freedom before you. Study the way they won. Use your resources and your relationships to your benefit. Enlighten those who surround you so that they can do the same. Proudly bear the burden of prestige. 


Ashleigh Fields


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