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D.C. Based Startup Gains Recognition

While people work long hours for the sake of financial stability, their personal lives may begin to suffer due to the lack of time between the two worlds.

Photo courtesy of Black Founders Fund

While people work long hours for the sake of financial stability, their personal lives may begin to suffer due to the lack of time between the two worlds.

Entrepreneur Stephanie Cummings dealt with this 9 to 5 entrapment and lacked the time to balance household chores. At one point, she even felt alone. 

“I was the busy professional, and I ended on a business trip with piles of laundry, a sink full of dishes, and an empty refrigerator. 8 out of 10 working professionals are completely overwhelmed by household chores. And often, unfortunately, it disproportionately affects women,” Cummings said. 

In 2017, with the support of the D.C. community and Google’s Black Founders Fund, Stephanie Cummings and her partner, Rashad Cummings, co-founded the home management company Please Assist Me. 

Please Assist me was selected among 49 other black-owned businesses in the U.S. to be an award recipient of up to $100,000 from Google.

Based in the DMV, Please Assist Me partners with various apartment complexes as an added amenity for residents. The company aims to alleviate the hassle of household chores for their clientele. Residents return home to every task completed, as if they were in two places at one time. 

Please Assist Me’s strength is in its simplicity. Rather than having 10 apps dedicated to laundry, cleaning, and various types of errands, it has chores streamlined into one platform made accessible to the client and the trusted personal assistant.  

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“Everything from groceries in the fridge, to laundry washed and folded, their son’s birthday cake picked up and waiting for them when they arrive home — to really allow you to enjoy home again and to make the personal assistant accessible for the 99 percent,” Stephanie Cummings said. 

Cummings even highlighted the company’s purpose as “the sky’s the limit on what you can request your assistant to do for you.” 

Please Assist Me utilizes transparency and prioritizes employee and customer safety above all else. Despite the surge of COVID-19, the company still managed to cater to their clientele. They require health checks, regular temperature screenings, detailed apartment reports, mandatory masks and even body cameras so the clients feel safe. 

Property Manager Bridgette Campion of the Lockwood Residential Apartment Complex highlighted that Please Assist Me has an excellent customer service policy. When new members join the team, Please Assist Me has the new employees introduce themselves to residents and staff alike. Campion emphasized that the company is consistent and frequently available for any questions that people may have. 

Additionally, Campion said Please Assist Me ensures that scheduling is made easy for the clients and allows the company to find a time that works for everyone.

Please Assist Me holds various events each quarter to get residents involved and become familiar with their work. They often have big Goodwill donation drop-offs where they will donate multiple items including furniture and bring treats such as milk bar cookies for clients to enjoy while they socialize and learn more about Please Assist Me’s services. 

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Stephanie Cummings hopes to potentially open up and expand to personal residences rather than partnered apartment complexes.

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