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How to Get Around DC

At first glance, Howard University will seem vast and complicated. But trust me, as geographically challenged as I am, I found my way around the campus, shortcuts and all, by the third week. The key? Practice.

Photo Courtesy of Curbed DC

At first glance, Howard University will seem vast and complicated. But trust me, as geographically challenged as I am, I found my way around the campus, shortcuts and all, by the third week. The key? Practice. Take Freshman week to explore how to get to and from your classes and try different routes each day to pinpoint which is the shortest and more efficient. This will make it easier to navigate the campus as a whole. Once you’ve identified the easiest way to get to your classes, the next step is using that information to get everywhere else. One thing to always keep in mind is that Howard University is an open campus. This means that it is intersected with busy streets and surrounding DC
neighborhoods, restaurants and other businesses. This can be quite scary, and it is always important to play it safe. You should always walk in packs, never walk the reservoir alone at night, and you always make sure to check in on your friends! This is where the BISON SAFE app comes in. This app will help you navigate campus, request a walking buddy, and ensure you’re safe as you navigate from place to place.

Getting Around Campus

Scooter Services: There are electric scooters lining the entire campus. Somedays the distance is long and the scooter can help!

The Yard: The hub for all social life and navigation. There will always be someone on the yard toto help you and if all else fails, go there. Just don’t walk on the grass.

The Shortcuts: Trust me when I say, take the shortcuts. Need to get to The Quad from Chipotle? The Valley. Need to get to the Metro? Walk through the Howard Hospital vehicle area. Thank me later!

Navigating D.C.

Metrorail Services: This is DC’S Regional Subway system. It has six color coded lines that are easy to follow and simple to navigate. Keep in mind, the Metro shuts down before midnight
during Sunday through Thursday and at 1 a.m. on the weekends.

Metro Bus: The Metrobus is harder to navigate than the Metrorail because you never knowwhether the bus will be on time. The plus? Transportation on the bus is free for Howard University students as long as you show ID.

Car rental: Many people resort to zip car and other car rental services when navigating around
DC for events or weekends out. This is the most efficient way to travel but most companies have
age requirements and other restrictions.

Shuttle services: Howard University has their own shuttle services. Granted, I still have not fully grasped the ins and outs of it and it can be very confusing. The shuttle is free and can take
you to the Target area and back.. It also offers transportation to and from the dorms and Vie.

Uber/Lyft: This will probably be the method you resort to for transportation off campus. A
pro-tip is to get a cash-app card so that when splitting the fees, you do not have to constantly
deposit your cash-app money. Also make sure that the car you are in is the car you requested!

Empower: This is a rideshare app exclusive to the DMV. Rates are extremely low and pick ups are fast. The app is available for download on Google and App Stores.

Walking: The cheapest way to navigate the area. With a group of friends, walking the DC
community is not bad. It will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the vibrant culture that the surrounding community has to offer.


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