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The Sounds of Women’s History Month 2020: “Suga” and “Chilombo”

By Jada Orr, Staff Reporter

One March evening with two major releases complemented this year’s transition from black history month to women’s history month. Jhene Aiko and Megan Thee Stallion empower their black femme audience with effortless soul and undisputable power. The two ladies provide projects with way more than just vibes.

For Thee Stallion, there’s a major story behind “Suga” and the fight for its release. Though “Suga” met its scheduled release date, Meg is still in the midst of a $1 million dollar lawsuit against 1501 Certified Entertainment. If favored in court, she may be given the opportunity to do what she’s been asking for in the first place: renegotiate her contract with the label. Fans anticipated the release not only for the music but to support Meg in the midst of her legal dispute.

Suga’s star production includes The Neptunes and Timbaland on heavy tracks that are quickly becoming fan-favorites. The nine-track EP is Meg’s statement of growth and permanence. Whether you relate to the Pimp-C persona of Tina Snow or the fire and finesse of the Hot Girl, Meg’s personalities continue to evolve along with her hypnotizing southern charm and flow.

For “Chilombo,” there was an underlying element of surprise. After Jhene released “None of Your Concern” and “P*$$Y FAIRY (OTW),” most fans expected the third album was on the way. Jhene has always been relatable in her lyrics about love and self-reflection. Yet, “Chilombo” is literally rooted in healing vibrations from the singer’s use of sound bowls. She uses them on each track of the album and has deemed them her newfound love as she takes part in producing music with healing properties for her listeners.

Jhene told Billboard in a recent interview, “Obviously, there’s other instruments, and this isn’t [solely] a healing album — the bowls were just a component I wanted to add because this is something that I’m moving forward with.” The album is comprised of 20 tracks, a lot of passion and very intentional artistry.


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