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DMV Residents Gather for Vegan Friendly Event, Vegan This!

By Melisa Philogene, Health and Wellness Reporter (@AYEEmel)


On Tuesday night, over 130 individuals attended the Vegan This! Event at Woodrow Wilson High School in Northwest Washington, DC. Started by the Physicians Committee, a leading revolution in medicine group, Vegan This! is a monthly event in the DMV area. The mission of the event is to administer support for vegans and anyone curious about plant-based diets.

Speakers on stage

Speakers included Julie Wright, anchor on Good Morning Washington, and best-selling author Chef Beverly Kumari.  D.C. area restaurants Soupergirl and Greenfare gave out free samples of homemade soups and vegetable pies. Health experts and physicians Susan Levin and Asha Subramanian discussed the benefits of a plant-based diet and how to not succumb to peer pressure as a young adult wishing to switch to such a lifestyle.

“Individuals on a plant-based diet are proven to have a less likely chance of being overweight, experiencing high blood pressure, and suffering from diseases like diabetes,” said Levin. As obesity levels rise in America, studies suggest plant-based diets can aid in moving the health of Americans in a better direction. Levin and Subramanian encouraged the parents in the audience to set the trend early on in their homes, so their children can acquire these better health decisions. Adults must set the example if they wish to leave a healthier generation behind.

Local vendor Neek and Nan offering homemade plant based tomatoes sauces

A highlight in the program was Chef Bev giving an inspirational presentation and live product demo on how to turn some of the most mundane food products in your pantry and fridge into quick vegan gourmet meals. For students in college she transformed a staple of ramen noodles into a low sodium, vegetable stir fry using only simple ingredients like miso soup, carrots, spinach and parsley.

The program also included scads of connections with community influencers, helpful resources and testimonials from athletes maintaining a plant-based diet, local vendors offering plant-based goodies and speakers providing expert advice  and success stories.  Audience members left the program informed and inspired in their personal plant-based journeys.

Soupergirl vendor giving free samples of plant based soup


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