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Welcome to Joon: Air France’s Millennial Airline

By: Olivia Davis, Life + Style Reporter (@_oliviarae_)

As a new generation arises, companies are scrambling to create the perfect marketing campaign to target a young audience. According to Live Science, millennials–adults born between 1982 and 2004–are known for their confidence, liberal views, self-expression and reception to new ideas and ways of living. Air France’s newly launched airline, Joon, is willing to accommodate.

With routes beginning on Dec. 1, European travelers have the opportunity to visit Barcelona, Berlin, Lisbon and Porto. By May 2018, Joon will expand to intercontinental flights, traveling to Fortaleza, Brazil and Mahé, Seychelles.

Joon is completely geared towards the millennial audience. Feeding off of the social media and celebrity-obsessed population, this brand’s goal is to allow everyone to taste the good life. The old flight attendant, who wore a navy suit and gave out free peanuts, is non-existent. Joon markets their flight attendants as a stylish personal assistant in white sneakers and an electric blue vest. Customers are also not limited to pretzels and soft drinks. Air France’s menu is completely updated with a variety of organic options including 100% real fruit smoothies. If one flies in the business class, they can receive a three-course meal including an appetizer, entrée, and dessert.

The inside of the plane is also new. Complete with outlets, Wi-Fi and reclining seats with adjustable headrests, the customer has the ability to watch Redbull TV, Viceland and a variety of movies. Many of the latest American aircrafts have this feature as well, but Joon is bringing a taste of the good life to every area. From the new menu, flight attendant attire, and upgrades in the interior, other airlines are sure to follow suit to attract millennials.

“Joon is more of a fashion brand than a travel experience with all the added glitz and glam flying to your European destination,” said

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