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From High School to Howard

By: Royelle Hickerson, Life+Style Reporter (@royellejvah)
Edited by: Clarice Metzger, Life+Style Editor (@_itsClarice)

For some freshmen, the transition to Howard University has been everything they’ve expected it to be; but for others, it has been the exact opposite. How does one prepare for college and the inevitable adjustment that comes along with it?

“My high school fully prepared me—the work is about as equal and so is the free time I have throughout the day,” says El Adon Bey, a freshman, mechanical engineering major from Bridgeport, Connecticut by way of New York. “As far as academics, it’s not too different and the transition wasn’t too difficult.”

Mirako Hickman, a freshman, speech pathology major from Detroit, Michigan says that “the city life of D.C. has made me feel more at home.”

So what really is the difference between high school and Howard? It may not necessarily be location or academics but opportunities.

“Does this class have a group me?” “Sis, do you have the PDF?” “Do you want to go to this interest meeting tonight?” are just some of the most common questions heard floating throughout campus during the first few weeks of school. Whether academic, professional or even spiritual, Howard University and its student body offer many opportunities for advancement.

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Skylar Parker, a freshman advertising major from Chicago, Illinois, has gotten involved with The Lunchtable, The Hilltop newspaper and Spotlight television since her arrival on campus in hope of gaining necessary experience before her pursuit of a career in the TV and film industry. “Time management is the most important factor with balancing extracurricular activities and organizations,” she says.

El agrees in regard to balancing school and student involvement saying, “any time I have in-between classes, I try to do homework, [attend] org meetings towards the end of the day and finish off with studying.”

Mirako, on the other hand, has not yet become involved in any organizations on campus but is looking forward to joining some throughout the school year. “I plan on keeping the same work behavior and compensating the time for the org where I usually spend time with my friends, and save the partying as a treat at the end of a strong week.”

For some students, the transition to Howard has been much more than a ride one state away. Mirako advises students who are homesick to “get out of that dorm. As hard as it may seem, you have to get out for yourself and also for the people who you may come in contact with.” She says, “The people and vibes here are amazing and I don’t [think] I would be having such a great college experience without the people who I have met at the Mecca. Prior to coming to Howard I wish someone would have told me I didn’t have to fit in, being myself is so much easier.”


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