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Dance Crazes: 2011 to Now

By Imara Bright-Johnson, Staff Writer
Posted 7:50 PM EST, Mon., Apr. 3, 2017

The Cat Daddy: 2011

  • While most of us were in middle school, the “Cat Daddy” became extremely popular. California party scene hip-hop group, the Rej3ctz, released this song in March 2011 and it quickly became the top most requested song at most middle and high school functions.

The Harlem Shake: 2013

  • Many of us know that the Harlem Shake originated decades ago in New York; however, in 2013, the New York based Crazy Boyz decided to put a twist on the old time dance. The dance crew combined their shake with another dance movement to give the Harlem Shake its modern hip-hop flair.

Gas Pedal & Red Nose: 2013

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  • Sage The Gemini quickly gained attention when he released these two sexy dance hits. They easily get a party going.

The Schmoney: 2014

  • Bobby Shmurda hit the scene in 2014 with his hit single that featured the hit the ‘Schmoney dance.’ Soon, people were not only doing it to his song, but incorporating it into dance routines for other top chart songs.

The Whip/Nae Nae: 2015

  • The Whip/Nae Nae was probably the 2015 equivalent of Unk’s mid-2000s Walk it Out dance. Everybody in the Black community, and even outside of it, was doing this dance created by Atlanta rapper Silentó. The dance became popular with everyone—young and old.

The Dab: 2015

  • Although short lived, The Dab was the one of the most popular dances of 2015.  Athletes, celebrities, actors and even politicians were seen ‘dabbing’ all over the country. Most people have ditched the dab now, but it was cool while it lasted.

The Milly Rock 2015:

  • Milly rocking on any block was one of top trends during the end of 2015. Of course, most of the best milly rocks are done by New Yorkers; however, the dance can most likely be seen at any gathering these days.

Juju on That Beat: 2016

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  • Hailing from Detroit, teen rappers Zayion McCall and Zay Hilfigerrr are the masterminds behind this dance craze of 2016. Juju on That Beat became an Internet sensation last year, and is still

    going somewhat strong. Most of the popular videos on YouTube in 2016 consisted of children between the ages of 3 and 15 ‘juju-ing’ on the beat.

Hit Dem Folks: 2016

  • Many don’t know about the official name for the move that is done at the end of the Juju on That Beat dance. However, the Hit Dem Folks dance is currently one of the most used dance moves. Ohio artist Shuicide Holla is responsible for the official dance.

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