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Letter To The Editor: Residence Halls

By Brittany Ashman

Editor’s Note: Brittany Ashman is a current junior at Howard University.

For the past two years, Howard University’s Residence Life has given several students difficulties with housing. Being a student that attends the university I’ve realized either there is no more space for housing or you’re given the run around after you’ve paid a down payment of $200. In my case, I paid my down payment for housing on time and I was given my money back because of the closures of dorms such as Carver where I was placed. Housing is essential when it relates to the well being of students. Being a student at Howard University has shown me that there are not enough resources for the amount of students being accepted to this institution.

Homelessness is already an enormous problem the United States is facing. Students should not be struggling to find a place to live when they go to a school that has on-campus housing. The high tuition expense should guarantee a definite space for students to live. Students have willingly moved off-campus because they don’t want to deal with the attitudes of housing employees on the subject matter or the dormitory environments. It is important that Howard University to find a location to be considered off-campus housing to build apartment complexes and own the buildings that way students housing and tuition can be handled by the university. Another option would be to make the renovations process quicker with the dorms that are already established. It is time that mandatory housing assignments are given to every student that attends Howard University, even if they do choose to live off-campus.


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