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Letter to the Editor: Howard University Student Association Senate: GET TO WORK!

By Amos Jackson III
Executive Treasurer, College of Arts & Sciences Student Council 

In March of 2016 you all elected senators and a new executive board of HUSA. You voted with confidence that these individuals would carry out your best interest in these positions. The question now lies: “What have you done?”  

We are now in October of the 2016-2017 academic year here at Howard University. HUSA Senate have not established budgets, have not informed students on senate meetings, and have been acting unconstitutionally for the last five months since the election. As we all know: To work in student government you will have a large ego. But when it comes to representing students, you have to put your ego aside and GET TO WORK with those you aren’t too fond of.

GET TO WORK and appoint a new HUSA policy board (Supreme Court) to establish a third branch of government to check and balance the HUSA Senate and HUSA Executive.  With them not doing this, senate leadership is allowed to continue their unconstitutional actions since this legislative session has started.  

GET TO WORK and approve budgets so the local schools and colleges can carry out their platform and serve students effectively. As student councils, we are held at a standstill due to constant back and forth between HUSA Senate and HUSA Executive. When these two entities are at gridlock the 13 school and college councils cannot have programs to inform students on the happenings in their colleges. Due to gridlock, the 13 schools and college councils cannot have pageants to appoint the new Mr. & Miss of the prospective schools and colleges due to no monetary resources to carry out the events.

GET TO WORK and work together. Work together with the other senators, not just leadership. It has been brought to my attention that HUSA senate leadership does not inform their counterparts of upcoming legislation to vote on effectively. Other senators feel ostracized in the body that students elected them to serve in.  I know that majority of HUSA Senators want to get to work, but a couple is ruining the reputation of the entire body.

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How is it that students elect students to carry out these functions and are unaware that these senators exist? I only have three words for the HUSA Senate and that is:



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