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Overview: NFL Teams To Watch So Far

By Chad Clarke, Contributing Sports Writer
Posted 12:00 PM EST, Tues., Sept. 27, 2016

On Thursday, September 8, the National Football League (NFL) kicked off the 2016-2017 football season. This season has already caused anxiety and been the source of relief for football fans around the world.

Fans have already begun making their assumptions about playoffs and the Super Bowl as teams have begun showing off their strengths and weakness since the season opener.  

Some may say it is too early for predictions while some are already feeling secure. Eight teams remain 2-0 so far.  

They have shown why they are a force to be reckoned with in this past week.  

The Bengals had a rough Sunday, being defeated by the Pittsburgh Steelers, 24-16. The Baltimore Ravens made a comeback over the Cleveland Browns 25-20. This comeback was the second biggest comeback in Ravens franchise history.

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New England has been celebrating their 31-24 victory over the Miami Dolphins.

Not only did Texas have a big Sunday with Dallas beating the Washington Redskins, the Houston Texans battled out a win against the Kansas City Chiefs.  

Denver Broncos rode through the Indianapolis Colts 34-20, while New York Giants snatched a victory against the New Orleans Saints, winning 16-13. Minnesota Vikings packed Green Bay Packers 17-14.

The Philadelphia Eagles were the last team to join the undefeated ranks in week two with a 29-14 win against the Chicago Bears on Monday night Football. This is notable because the Eagles are starting a rookie quarterback, Carson Wentz.

A complex sport, these records can unexpectedly change, as teams that were deemed to be the strongest at the beginning of the season can lose their spot in rank as the season progresses.

List of 2-0 teams below:

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-Pittsburgh Steelers

-New England Patriots

-Houston Texans

-Denver Broncos

-New York Giants

-Minnesota Vikings

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-Baltimore Ravens

-Philadelphia Eagles


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