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Q&A: The Return of the HU Fashion Council

By Maya King, Campus Editor
Posted 3:55 PM EST, Sun., Sept. 11, 2016

After nearly a decade-long hiatus, the Howard University Fashion Council, a fashion design group and quasi-governing body within the College of Arts and Sciences under the Department of Art is making a return. The force behind the revamping of the council is sophomore Javari Miller, a fashion design major from Washington, D.C. Campus Editor Maya King sat down with Javari to learn more about the Fashion Council and learn of his plans for the future:

The Hilltop: What inspired you to re-start the Fashion Council?

Javari Miller: For me it was baffling that—at Howard—the fashion design department wasn’t at the forefront even though everyone here likes to pop out and dress up all the time. I knew from the moment I heard about the former fashion council that I wanted to pick up where they last left off. They were active off campus, [doing things like] meeting with Russell and Kimora Lee Simmons but I wanted to do more on campus. I thought, why not? It was like killing two birds with one stone.

The Hilltop: Where are you right now in the process of moving forward with the re-establishment of the Fashion Council?

Javari Miller: Right now we’re just getting a foundation together. We are currently trying to establish a constitution and are meeting to discuss the planning for the actual council and what it means for the next year on campus.

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The Hilltop: What do you plan to do with the “new” Fashion Council in the coming year?

Javari Miller: I want to start in the fashion design department [with the Fashion Council] as a governing body—I want to make sure everyone in that department is a force in whatever they do. I [also] want to host on-campus events like one teaching people how to wear certain things…like informal sessions with males on how to wear a suit and tie a tie.

The Hilltop: What is your primary goal for the Council?

Javari Miller: I want us to have a fashion show by the end of the year. Inspired by a non-profit organization that did something similar during Fashion Week. I can’t really tell you too much because I wanted it to be a surprise. But know that I want it to happen.

The Hilltop: Are there any trends you might want to start or see on campus?

Javari Miller: I definitely want to see a little more unity across all fashion [leaders] on campus. I know it’s a cutthroat industry but right now we’re all here, coexisting. Why not try to work together and do big things for Howard? I want to see us be a lot more cohesive and do things together instead of battling.

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The Hilltop: What do you wish to see in the future of Howard fashion?

Javari Miller: I want to see a more creative side of the student body. I want the creatives to offer their input or maybe even join the council. I want them to be more active. I want to see everyone put forth their best talent.


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