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Don’t Sleep: 5 Things To Do During Your Freshman Year

By Cyerra Haywood, Campus Staff Writer
Posted 9:08 PM EST, Mon., Sept. 5, 2016

1. Explore Howard’s Campus: Since you’re going to be a Bison for the next four years, you should get a pretty good idea of what is on Howard’s campus. Eat in a different cafeteria every day of your first week (Howard University Hospital and Howard Law School have a number of food options as well). Take time to walk around campus, learn the names and the history of each building. That way, when you or someone you know you has a problem, you will know where to go.

2 Learn how to use public transportation: The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (commonly known as WMATA) is the premier means of getting around the District of Columbia. To use it, purchase a Metro card at the nearest Metro station or drug store. Using the train may seem complicated at first, but apps like Google Maps and iTrans DC can make route planning much easier. Plus, the more you ride the Metro, the easier it gets. The first time you use the Metro, be sure to go with a group of friends. Also, take advantage of ride sharing apps such as Uber, Lyft and Split.

3. Join an Organization: To quickly make friends and get involved on campus, join an organization! Howard is home to multitudes of organizations–there’s a club for everyone. Regardless of your classification, you can join various organizations depending on the state you are from, sports that you play, or even your religious affiliation.

4. Visit a historical site: The District of Columbia is filled with historical sites, museums and landmarks. Though some, like the White House, require special permission to visit, there are a lot of sights that you can go to on your own, like the Lincoln Memorial or National Archives. Take a day to explore the city and soak in the history around you. Not only is it good exercise, but also it is a valuable learning experience.

5. Try a new type of food:
For every culture represented in the District of Columbia, there is also restaurant to go with it. Whether you walk down 4th street to get some Jamaican Food from the “Jerk@Nite” food truck or daringly trying some new food from a spot with positive Google reviews, it is important to try food that you’ve never eaten before every once in a while. You may end up loving it!


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