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HUSA President Carpenter Attends RNC and DNC As HBCU Rep

By The Hilltop Staff
Posted 2:25 PM EST, Sun. July 24, 2016

Recently released to The Hilltop by Howard University Student Association 56th Administration, HUSA President Allyson Carpenter has been on the road during the 2016 election conventions advocating for Historical Black Colleges and Universities.

According to the HUSA56’s recent press release, Carpenter is attending both conventions on behalf the HBCU student government consortium, which represents more than 300,000 students. Although she is a registered Democrat, President Carpenter says that she believes it is important to reach out to both parties on the issue of HBCU support.

“I will ask anyone who will listen, regardless of their party affiliation, to support HBCUs,” said Carpenter. “This is a nonpartisan issue. HBCUs have an unmatched track record in educating people of color and the country ought to recognize that.”

In addition to HBCU congressional appropriations, Carpenter also intends to discuss other issues of interest to Black millennials, such as police brutality, voting rights and mass incarceration.

The Democratic National Convention kicks off in Philadelphia tomorrow, July 25, and runs through July 28. Read the full press release below:

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”PresidentCarpenterAttendsRNCDNCPressRelease (1) (1)”]

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