Social Media Specialist

Are you quick on your feet, creative in a tweet and Do you believe social media has the power to change attitudes and perceptions? Do you have what it takes to employ social media to improve the Howard community’s attitudes about The Hilltop?

The Hilltop seeks a digital-savvy, trendy social media specialist to join our staff. This person will be responsible for scheduling, crafting and posting social media copy across various channels. This multi-faceted role has opportunity for growth and will require extensive social media training.


Copy Editor

Are you a grammar geek who gets frustrated at glaring grammatical errors? Do you have a sharp eye for copyediting and can quickly and independently refine and polish content? If so, The Hilltop has a senior copy editor position just for you.

The Hilltop is seeking a senior copy editor who has an attention for detail and sharp eye for copyediting. This challenging role requires line editing of news, life+style and sports news content. This position works directly with section editors to ensure that content is accurate, grammar-free and objective. This AP Style-heavy editorial position requires a passion for the written word and ability to easily identify and correct errors using The Hilltop’s writing guide and AP Style guidelines.


Creative Content Coordinator

Do you have a visual eye for storytelling? Are you a photographer who employs digital devices to capture moments through a cutting-edging view? The Hilltop has a creative content coordinator position just for you.

The creative content coordinator (CCC) works directly with the creative content director and section editors to help generate visual images to compliment print, social and online content. The CCC reports to the creative content director and is responsible for taking photos and drafting videos with the director’s supervision. This multi-faceted role is very important for the success of The Hilltop’s efforts to rebrand its content and re-engage with students. Candidate must demonstrate basic video editing and design skills across various platforms.


Contributing Reporters

The Hilltop seeks passionate, consistent contributing reporters who are eager to develop strong writing and reporting skills. Contributing to either the news, life+style or sports department, the budding writer has a passion for news or media and is willing to serve as a fundamental staff member of The Hilltop.



The Hilltop and Howard University both do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin, sex, marital status, religion, or disability. Inquiries regarding provisions for persons with disabilities, equal employment opportunity and Title IX should be directed to the Chief Human Resources Officer at (202) 806-5500.