Dear Howard University Community,

Since its inception in 1924, The Hilltop has been known for its gripping exposés of the ills of Howard University and its profiles of pressing issues in the Black community.

In order to uphold this legacy, we are in critical need of resources, respect and reciprocity.

As the student voice of Howard University, we are struggling to properly reflect the thoughts, ideals and beliefs of the student body due to a lack of necessary resources. In order to effectively serve as the student voice, The Hilltop staff requests a few basic needs:

  • A policy board meeting and reform
  • Monetary budget to operate as a newspaper
  • Access to multimedia equipment and partnership with CHSOC Tech Center
  • On-time compensation for executive Hilltop staff
  • Support and transparency from faculty and staff
  • Adobe Creative Suite on all computers in The Hilltop office
  • Functioning printer in The Hilltop office

For years, former Hilltop staffs have been denied most of these basic needs, resources and tools. We want to set a precedent for that to change. We want to prompt this action. What would you do without The Hilltop?  

Very Respectfully,

The Hilltop Executive Staff

The Hilltop Creed: “Our objective is to motivate our readers to be dedicated to serving our people and rebuilding our communities. We do this by providing relevant news, information, pictures, art, and ideas. Like a sword, The Hilltop is a weapon for freedom, and truth is the foundation of our efforts.” – Hodari Ali, 1975-1976 Editor-In-Chief, The Hilltop

October 26, 2017

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